1. Regulations and Services of the School Library

       * Opening hours : 8:05 a.m. - 5:30p.m. (Monday to Friday)

2. Regulations

    Users of this Library have to observe the following: 

       * Don't bring your bags in the library;

       * No eating or drinking are allowed;

       * Keep the library clean;

       * Keep quiet at all times in the Library;

       * Have to compensate if readers lose and/or damage their loaned Library items


3. Terms of Services

        * All staff and students can check out library items: books, magazines, AV materials and CD- ROMs,etc;

        * Students can check out not more than 5 library items at one time . Students need to show their student card when loaning out items;

        * For loaned books and/or magazines, students are allowed to keep them for two weeks; while the AV materials and CD-ROMs can be kept for one week only;

        * For each overdue items, students have to pay an daily fine of HK $0.50;

        * Students can renew their loaned items in person as long as the items are not requested by other users;

       * A library item can be held if it has been loaned out. Users need to fill in an application form.

        * Users have to return all loaned items at the end of the School's academic year for the Library's stocktaking purposes;

        * The following items can only be used in the School Library and not be checked out:

              - Reference materials, Dictionaries and encyclopedias;

              - Newspapers of the current day;

              - Current issue magazines;

              - Other items labeled as non-loaned-out materials.












書評被讚好(書評即使修改或刪除, 分數維持不變, 不用回復)




按時完成閱讀報告 / 豁免遲交




閱讀報告 - 報告得分數








新增書友 (每個)








借電子資源 (以ACNO計,只加一次)




借電子書 (以ACNO計,只加一次)




2021-2022 Librarian Team


Head Librarians (2):

5D (03)  Huang Sze Wing

5E (14)  Cheung Pui Ki

Vice-head Librarians (2):

5D (04)  Lam Yan Tung

5D (21)  Feng Hao Cheng

Librarians (25):

1A (04)  Chau Yan Lam

1A (08)  Lo Sum Yi

1A (22)  Cheung Siu Ting

1B (06)  Guan Yuet Tung

1B (19)  Chan Pak Ho

1C (05)  Lau Eunice Hiuyin

1D (07)  Liang Nok Yi

1D (08)  Lo Charis

2B (04)  Lam O Ching

2B (05)  Lam Yan Wing

2C (02)  Lau Yin Yin

2C (04)  Shi Wing Yan

3A (16)  Feng Wei Jun

3A (24)  Ng Anthony

3B (02)  Chung Man Hei

4A (06)  Choy Yan Kiu

4C (13)  Lam Man Kit

4D (16)  Wong Tsz Ching Ruby

5A (12)  Cheng Yiu Yeung

5B (11)  Chow Pun Chun

5D (19)  Chan Tsz Yeung

5E (15)  Cheung Tsz Him

5E (16)  Choi Ka Him

5E (23)  Lui Issac

5E (24)  So Chun Hin

Magazines purchased of the library (2021-2022)

1. ALL互動英語 (monthly) 

2. CNN (monthly)

3. LIVE互動英語 (monthly) 

4. NationalGeographic (monthly) 

5. Reader's Digest (monthly) 

6. Time (weekly)

7. 明報月刊(monthly)

8. 亞洲週刊 (weekly)

9. 科學人 (monthly)

10. 運動版圖 (monthly)

11. 選擇 (monthly)

12. 讀者文摘 (monthly)

13. 讀者 (monthly)

14. 香港中學生文藝月刊 (monthly)

15. 知識大圖解 (monthly)

16. National Geographic History (Bimonthly)

Free magazines in the library (2021-2022)

1. Catch基督徒中學生雜誌 (quarterly)

2. Clip (monthly)

3. Kidults (monthly)

4. The Economics (weekly)

5.今日九巴 (monthly)

6.中信 (monthly)

7. 萌動 (every two months)

8. 知識 (monthly)

9. 悅閱 (every twomonths) 

10. 蒲公英 (monthly) 

11. 燭光網絡 (monthly) 

12. 迴響: 粵語文學(monthly)

 Newspapers in the library (2021-2022)

1. 明報

Classification Tables

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